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Are You Burnt Out?

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F--- the worker - that's the mantra today.

It's horrible.

Where do we go from here as a society...

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Well of course. All the things that should have been used to create a better quality of life and shorter work hours were destroyed by corporate greed, like pensions and efficiency improvements.

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I believe it. Started working in hi-tech in my early 20's. Sometimes working 80-90 hour weeks.

A lot of those roles have since gone to India. Still, with so many tech companies these days--it seems that part of the formula is to make sure the young employees drink the cool-aid. Unlimited vacation means sh*t, when you don't take more than 1-2 weeks per year.

The reality is since companies have taken away pensions--quality of life have/and will continue to suffer for many--as you get older--you are replaced with younger generations who can start at the bottom. They will have never known how things 'used' to be, and instead are shown shiny objects to make them 'feel' like they're at an "awesome" company.

Making 6 figures a year in the Silicon Valley and still broke isn't exactly what most expected...

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The General Social Survey of 2016, a nationwide survey that since 1972 has tracked the attitudes and behaviors of American society, found that 50 percent of respondents are consistently exhausted because of work, compared with 18 percent two decades ago.

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