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sca layoffs survivors ...

How is the campus these days? the massive layoff didn't leave many people. is it a ghost town?

how It feels to walk in a building and do work with nobody in the building?

Any assurance emails from the top management to convince you to stay beyond M8 release? any

clear plan of what you are suppose to do? who do you report to if your manager / manager's manager/ vp ..etc are all laid off.

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Hey guys, yes SCA is a ghost town. But check the parking lot in January..... :)

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@P9IuDUW-vqm I can confirm this. As far as I could tell, five people remained from RM's org. Three guys from Dream (I suppose to dismantle it?) and two EDA/CAD licensing

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@P9IuDUW-njh no there won't be and never will be an "M8+", simply because there's nobody left to implement, verify and bringup/test any new or updated chip design. No die shrinks, no speed increases. Forget it.

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I'm guessing it's deja vu all over again. I recall how it was at MPK during the years 2008 (or so) until the final hand over to Facebook. BTW, not limited to SCA. RWS has lots of empty offices and cubes, but the process has been more gradual.

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The cad group under RM was leveled. So yes it was "impacted."

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Is there any impact on Sparc CAD team?

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There must be hundreds of x86 teams members under AA on SCA campus.

Meetings every Wednesday in the auditorium. Coffee and donuts served.

"Hi, my name is Chad, and I... still work on Oracle hardware."


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might be there will be M8+ if luck

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I went to SCA18 Wed afternoon to return my laptop, 2/3 of the parking lot is empty. It feels like no one there almost like ghost town feeling.

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@P9IuDUW-qfs what is your building .

the ones that were mostly effected 11/12/14

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Not much impact in our building. still as many people as the week prior. no mention of layoff by my management chain. its as if it never happened

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There must be hundreds of x86 teams members under AA on SCA campus.

Does anyone know how many were affected in x86 team under AA org ?

What about Netra team under RP ? Did they survive ?

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Zombie town it is ! No one have hopes. Everyone is looking up on linkedin and dice for jobs.

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