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Do you know if accured vacation is deducted from severance

Hi, just found out that I will be let go tomorrow. Based on length of service, I should be getting 22 weeks of severance and I have 4 weeks of accrued vacation. Does anyone know if the 4 weeks will be deducted from the 22 weeks or will that be in addition to.

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Your accrued vacation will be given to you as part of your last paycheck, is not taken out of severance

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Agree with last poster - unused vacation is paid in addition to the severance. So for layoff last week, under no WARN, I received a check for my accrued vacation plus that days pay. Now have just received the release form to sign, and then will receive a one lump payment for my severance (4 wks first year plus 1 wk/year after that - this is the enhanced formula, and the HR contact confirmed everyone is getting the enhanced version).

If you are in a WARN location, you will be kept on payroll for 60 days and receive regular paychecks during that time. After the 60 days is over, you get the balance of the severance formula (ex. 26 wks minus the 60 days) in a lump sum payment.

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In fact I had 20 hours of overtime last week.

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I haven't been on the bench. I have been actively working with 3 customer's.

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Oh you are on the bench? Lay off!

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Thanks for the response. Do they pay severance in one lump sum?

I am in ACS but don't know if I am the only one due to non renewal of contract from customer or if others will be gone as well.

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