Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

Larry, Mark & Safra - New Equity Package - Sept 2017

Interesting read ...

The SEC details were "just" filed

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I really hope they will be hit very hard on the wallet.

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It's all about posturing to make it seem like oracle is a cloud company and actually could achieve $20bn in cloud revenues in a single year to pump up the share price. What a joke!

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so wait.... this means they get ZERO equity UNTIL 2022? Then all in one transaction if they meet the goals? That actually sounds a bit reasonable.

Of course, it's probably just a gimmick to pump the stock price a bit more before they bail out. I bet all of them are gone in a year.

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These bogies are a pipe dream, at least they will make MH leave, since he won't get a bonus, unfortunately too late to save oracle

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@hmr That is a terrible thing.

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@dgw They do care about on prem HW/SW revenue. They will just find some loophole to call it cloud revenue.

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Having recently come from the barren wastelands outside of the valley I can say there is a tendentious amount of interest in the old on prem model. Companies just can't toss the years of investment and change direction because its the next big thing, there is significant institutional momentum that isn't able to be arbitrarily changed.

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Big bets here. Look also at debt-equity. So, the C-levels are betting future equity. And the company is betting using one big old credit card. Cloud or die.

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"they really don't care about on prem HW/SW anymore."

Who's they? I'd say that most of the market does not care about on prem any more. Why would they? Rent-a-core. Rent-a-session.

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We need to start building products that work to increase revenue and with TK at helm it is not going to happen. Thankfully netsuite is reporting to MH.

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@bgh but I am still here. And where are you? =)

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Well everybody, $20 Bn of cloud is a lot of cloud washing, get busy

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F'ck them

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Does any person really deserve a $40m annual salary? Especially someone as useless as MH?

It's rather obscene if you ask me. Gluttonous.

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Another useless PR stunt to pacify the investors.

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But in order for the execs to receive about $100 million each in stock awards in 2022, they will have to meet some specific targets.

Larry is going to be 78 in five years. I'd bet none of the three is going to be with Oracle anymore in 2022. Neither will I.

So the whole thing seems rather pointless.

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Well their pay seems directly tied to cloud performance, guess they really don't care about on prem HW/SW anymore.

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