Thread regarding Citrix Systems Inc. layoffs

Anyone have a summary of the FTL and Raleigh losses?

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At FTL, XenMobile and IT took hard hits. Maybe other depts that I don't know about.

Other depts swept out some of those with serious tenure or troublemakers/low-performers. What the other poster said about Inside Sales is spot on. Hopefully the new WW/Americas sales leadership can shake up the Inside Sales good ole boy management circle.

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Inside Sales slimed their way through pretty much clean other than people they ousted for political purposes (not being part of the scum bag team). Will be nice when the new WW Sales leader pounces on them. The "perception is everything" rule of thumb won't fly much longer.

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XenMobile got slaughtered. Architect and senior director were outted, and team is now reporting to Cloud team director. XM looks like it will be finished within a year.

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