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David Henshall email

What is changing?

In addition to simplification and other efficiencies, I would like to share what is changing within our product strategy and how that will help us achieve our plan.

  1. We are winding down products that are non-core to our strategy or that we cannot scale effectively. This includes:

• Octoblu: We will shift our development strategy to build IoT solutions (Workspace and otherwise) atop of widely used, market-leading IoT platforms to provide the most flexibility for our future solution development. We are currently working on potential options for the Octoblu platform, which may include divesting this product and team.

• RightSignature: We will focus development on integration as a feature of ShareFile Enterprise to better leverage our solutions and our go to market motion.

• With these changes, we will be closing two of our development locations – Santa Barbara and Tempe.

  1. We are also repositioning two products to align more with our company direction and drive long-term growth:

• ShareFIle: We are shifting to focus more heavily on the Enterprise market to:

o better align and leverage Citrix’s broader go-to-market motions and resources, including with our 100,000+ enterprise customer installed base;

o accelerate development of differentiated functionality for ShareFile Enterprise; and

o enhance integration and leverage of content collaboration as a differentiated component of Citrix Workspace Service.

• XenMobile: We are pivoting XenMobile to cloud to accelerate innovation and focus our go-to-market strategy to align with two key Enterprise mobility platform players - Microsoft with Enterprise Mobility Suite and Google with Android for Work, Chromebooks and G Suite.

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@1uxl - true, 30M for nothing.

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Fix this!!

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Kirill was an a--hole! Douchebag! Made 30M for what?

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Kirill was not the reason for any of this. He did not give anything to MSFT.

There were decisions years ago that got Citrix to where it is today.

And there are remaining folks in seats of power that are attempting to revise the history around those decisions.

This was all about Elliott moving to a cash-out. Nothing more.

It definitely does not make it any easier to execute a plan, and stepping back and looking at the big picture - it does not look highly strategic.

It was all about the accountants.

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kirill failed to sell ms on sh--rix. that's why he was fired and why the redmond group was axed today.

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You were the Chosen One! You were supposed to destroy the Elliott Management, not join them. You were supposed to bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness.

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Too many strategy people in the company!

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The cloud team has no idea what they are doing. Running on Azure is a mistake. Total dependence on Azure can kill the company!

I bet the new leadership team that Kirill brought in and will also run away soon. A bunch of idiots bringing in Microsoft culture to citrix.

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Citrix execution and product strategy is clearly in the toilet. Where is the investment in new product lines to drive new sources of revenue? All the new ideas and incubation efforts of the last few years have been killed through poor management and a near total lack of commitment. The recurring focus is to trim costs, focus on the aging core and pump the balance sheet for a few quarters until the decline resumes. An antiquated accounting system, no M&A to being new capabilities and the desperate effort to hang on to Win32 virtualization shows clear decline. Look at the mismanagement of XenServer, CloudStack, XenMobile and the poor quality of NetScaler software over the last few releases. Add in the data software licensing model that even CSPs struggle with and to end up with a company that once led the market but seems to have missed the boat for much of the last decade and is just realizing that it may be too late to correct itself. Be realistic, want an ASC us NGINX or HA Proxy, want to deliver apps just use HTML5 or Mobil apps and save a bundle by not having to virtulizenthem. ShareFile has value, but is it worth the overhead...hmmmm.

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Maybe they should focus on simplifying their pricing structure.

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I don't those getting fired care about public vs non-public information.

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Do you understand that, even though you may not like or if want to criticise it, this is not public information, right?

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So empty

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XM was being run into the ground far before Kirill came on board. XM overlay team laid off before Kirill even started. Empty licenses sold everywhere. Kirill didn't give the market to Microsoft, Microsoft took the commoditized piece of the market for itself. Airwatch and Mobile Iron differentiated, XM did not.

Henshall is a spreadsheet guy, this was a spreadsheet move. Don't count on him making right decisions unless you are a shareholder holding only for the short term.

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All Citrites know that this is just another "bla bla bla, words, words, words, have happy thoughts ...right up until we pull the rug out from under you". Henshall is no longer one of us, he has gone to the Dark Side. Everyone who wasn't laid off is looking for new opportunities else where. It's over in Q2 of 2018 anyhow.

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Best or not, Mark was the last REAL CEO at Citrix...

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XM was #3 in the market when it was acquired.

Kirill gave the market to Microsoft. Microsoft is also investing in RDS modernization so Citrix can sit back and watch Netflix now. A bad CEO can kill the company in a few years. Microsoft culture is not for Citrix.

David is an old timer so I am hopeful he will make the right decision after this bad day.

The best days are over. Mark Templeton will be considered the best CEO at Citrix!

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I've heard 10%.

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I've just one question: how many of our fellow citrites are we talking about?

(this sounds more ridiculous every minute)

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