Thread regarding Citrix Systems Inc. layoffs

Citrix Redmond is closed

25 people works in Redmond office and everyone were sent home..

I am one of them hurry...... :)

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Hallway talk is all the Australian, Bangkok, Singapore and Santa Clara sites will be closed or severely reduced in size as business is stagnant and projected to decline in the coming quarter.

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Citrix also closed the japan office. It's cost cutting. The company is not in growth mode. The company is trying to reduce cost and hold on to the existing revenue.

Let's hope EM will sell the stock once the stock hits 90-95.

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Citrix is also working with google and AWS. Chromebook team loves us!

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The people in Florida live in their own time warp. Since Citrix is a major employer in FTL they think that they rule the world. They are so out of touch.

The closing of the Redmond office shows that CEO KT failed to leverage his contacts to sell Citrix to Microsoft. So he took his millions in stock as payment for trying and left. Now Citrix management is sitting on their thumbs and rotating.

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Vmware is beating citrix in every account. Microsoft doesn't care about small markets.

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Microsoft is using Citrix for free revenue. They get RD CALs every time Citrix sells XenApp. The day they decide to own the market by offering even a good-enough product, Citrix is toast...

With so many startups in the space like Frame, Workspot and Paperspace, sooner or later, Microsoft will acquire something and that will be the end of the Citrix era. As an ex-employee who was fired, I'd rather see Citrix going down because they don't give a f--- about employees.

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I know that was coming...

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how dare you call our CEO ol' timer? He's a huge fan of microsoft and the modern cloud. in fact, his all time fav app is excel.

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The company is going down because of Florida! All ol' timers are still under the assumption that citrix has the best product in the market.

Really disconnected with the real world situation!

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Nothing to collapse. we are going to take over the entire world sitting in south Florida. its really that simple.

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Can you put context around the collapsing relationship?

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5 people coming into an an office everyday that holds 65 people...Must be like a war zone. Not worth the isolation and emptiness. They may as well sublease the property and let people work from home. After all, that's the Citrix way isn't it? Sigh...

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team that worked with msft lost jobs due to the collapsing relationship that caused Krill to "resign"

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sorry to hear, good luck in your future endeavors, you all will be fine...courage

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Microsoft is investing in RDS. Microsoft is helping Workspot in the field. Microsoft invested in Frame. Vmware will support Azure.

Citrix is not the only vendor for msft anymore.

Citrix needs to support AWS and Google. They can not be a microsoft b--ch anymore!

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Redmond was always a strategic location. I guess that thinking is gone. So is the team. All that matters now is how much fat ctxs can cut so that someone can somehow buy it or it dies its own painful death. After filling some pockets off course.

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Apparently Citrix has figured out how to effectively manage and leverage these two critically important relationships from Ft Lauderdale.

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There goes Citrix market lead in their Skype for Business remoting!

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umm not everyone was sent home from redmond...i work at that office but on a different team...i'm still here, so there's at least one person here who'll turn off the lights at 5pm. good luck to everyone

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25 people works in Redmond office and everyone were sent home.. I am one of them hurry...... :)

You seems to have taken it positively, good for you. Sad to see so much bloodbath today everywhere.

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If cloud is the future, why close the office next to MSFT and AWS? Does not make any sense.

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Very sorry to hear. Bunch of fine people.

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