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Sioux Falls

So just found this site and glad to see it. Wish Sioux Falls would be honest on what is going on and the old saying "when we find out you will find out" is a load of BS if they would just come out and tell everyone the truth on what is going on, then maybe just maybe SF people would trust you hire ups just a little bit now. As far as keeping jobs, Citi better get with the ball on salary as well...sure you can send our jobs overseas and pay nothing, but how many customers will stay...hear it too often in my dept that the card members are not happy and want accounts closed...been here 20 years in Security Operations, managers are a joke..

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im so sick of citi out sourcing American jobs.....greedy af, quit giving the big bonus's millions of dollar to the asses who just sit on it ...not like were asking for raises, just want job that seriously too much to ask for? i will close all my citi accts, checking , savings and credit cards if this continues

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hey op, agree with tyou that ">managers are a joke.." but i have to tell you that i've worked at bofa and chase and both are worse than citi. at least here managers have a bit of integrity. at chase i worked for a manager that got canned because she was stealing office supplies and was selling it on ebay - i mean, what kind of person does that/ she was well paid too. horrible person to work for on top of it she was a thief.

so, while i an not a big fan of citi managers, i'd tellyou they are much better than some other companies

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