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Nepotism rules Citi

I'm getting so tired of this... Nepotism is so rampant at Citi, it's impossible to advance unless you are related to or really good with somebody in management... No matter how hard you work, no matter what extra skills you bring to the table, nothing will help... Somebody's nephew who is still green behind the ears is getting that promotion... People are leaving the company because of this in droves, and I might be following...

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I totally agree, nepotism runs rampant in this company. I have witnessed several qualified applicants passed over for positions and less qualified people (that just happened to be a managers relative) get the job. It's too bad because the real loser in this is Citi and their customers.

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Sounds like what your saying shows in your attitude and that's probably why your getting passed over. I absolutely disagree with what your saying.

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I can confirm this is 100% true.

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