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Long hours with no overtime

I used to like working at Citi, but boy oh boy have things changed here lately. I used to be able to balance my work and my family life pretty well, but that's a thing of the past. The expectations keep rising to the point where overtime is pretty much mandatory. So at first I had to to add 5 hours to my work week, then 10, and now I am happy if I get to see my family at all awake after I get home from work. Of course, I am salaried, so no overtime is paid. I'm starting to think that being laid off would be a good thing for me to get my life back on track.

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Get a different job...there are plenty of people waiting in the wings for yours. Good God...there are people getting walked out the door and your complaining that you have to work so much. Since your salary that tells me your pretty high on the food chain...ever think of the ones below you working just as hard without half the pay?

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True. They will use you and they will discard you once you are not needed. There is no loyalty - make sure you do not work without recognition or reward. Easy to say - but hard to do...

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