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Displaced -- Gray, TN

I just went through a "Job Displacement" in Gray TN trained my replacement in South Dakota.

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@ave is correct - more jobs are being sent offshore and this will get worse. they are using every opportunity to ship more jobs overses. what happened to 'america first' etc and all that stuff - who is taking care of us?

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Don't get to use to Citi South Dakota...Sears is crashing all of our jobs going over seas and yet the big wigs will make us all sweat and deny that our jobs are ok...they have no balls to be honest and truthful about what is going on, but hey would you if you were making there kind of salary

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I've been with Citi for about 33 years...

At this point, all I have to say thank goodness for the Costco contract or Citi south Dakota would most likely be nothing but a small group and every thing else would be handled by our offshore groups...

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