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A positive spin to all this negativity!

I’ve been with Citi for over 18 years worked in the Tampa & Jax sites along with visiting multiple other Citi locations and have been through MANY layoff scares where it could just as easily been me versus my peers (some of which were dear friends).

While nobody likes sitting on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drop, it is a necessary part of running a successful business at times.

Now that doesn’t mean it makes it any easier by any means, but as I read through the comments what stood out is all the negativity and hatred for Citi.

Even if this story is old, the reality is layoffs can and will happen again at some point as the economy or business strategy changes. Not just at Citi! I busted my butt starting on the phones and worked my way up—all by myself, not because I “knew” somebody! If your willing to put the effort in and get a good mentor or 2, it is possible to grow at Citi, even with layoffs!

The way I see it, if layoffs happen and impact me, I’ve padded my resume with 18+ years experience in various roles that should land me another job in the industry.

A positive spin to all this negativity!!!!!!

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Jax just eliminated!

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The key to survival in the financial industry and especially Citi is to network and increase your skill sets. Take advantage of all of the training they provide and mentor programs. Do your job to the best of your ability with forward momentum and be flexible.

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