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These layoffs were done better than previous ones

Get your facts straight. First of all, the record center is NOT impacted by layoff. Second, Citi has been in the planning stages for years of exiting mortgage so this is not a huge surprise. Third, Citi was crucial in convincing Cenlar to stay in Ofallon and utilize the talent already established at Citi, which they are doing, and for those left who aren't hired by Cenlar, Citi is diligent in finding positions internally for them. Fourth, they only utilize offshore personal to assist onshore teams when needed, and they will be the first to be impacted. I want to add that offshore personnel are hard working, diligent, kind people who do the grunt work that onshore doesn't want, or have time to do, and they never complain about it.

Maybe the layoffs in the past have been somewhat unfair and not handled well, but this time around they have been transparent and understanding. From someone who wil be unhappily impacted, I most say I'm impressed with Citi's compassion for us. High level managers are losing their jobs too, but still maintaining support around their subordinates. I for one, will really miss Citi and blessed that I had the opportunity to be part of that family. Good luck to us all, I think we will all find that outside companies will be happy to hire such seasoned, talented hard workers.

Bumped from @PBIjPIL-2vrc for being correct, IMHO. We are all angry, layoffs are never good, but there are right and wrong ways to do them , and this time Citi did much better.

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yes the record center was affected, after they were told that they would not be. ijs

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Record center IS highly impacted and no they are not assisting us or placing us in other positions. Not sure where you got your facts!

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Amen and true

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Laid off in 2008. It was amazing place to to work and I got to know some of my best friends through there. Citi's been having laying off since I started in 1985 - that's life kids

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