Thread regarding Nationwide Financial Services Inc. layoffs

Timing of layoffs (Nationwide / Oct 2017)

I find the timing of the current Nationwide layoffs to be weird at best, sinister may be the better word here though. Right before holidays and fairly sudden, what's wrong with this picture??? And all of this while paying executives even more and providing more perks to them while they cut our benefits.

That's our economy in 2017 - the top gets everything, us grunts, get nothing.

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Comments about execs being paid more and having more perks given are disheartening. Especially in light of the situation with non Medicare eligible retirees insurance premiums. They are skyrocketing. I was a loyal 38 yr employee and my thank you from them is that they are takiny entire pension check for my coverage. And it's crappy coverage with a very high deductible. We have no choice and have to be covered.

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