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That’s my rant for today – I heard about layoffs, mostly through mainstream media – I have nothing to add here as they are not affecting my group. Nationwide is huge, and sometimes it feels that each team is an island, with limited communication with other groups – maybe as you climb the ladder things become more transparent and there is more communication, but this is not the case at the staff level.

I joined two years ago, and it was good. Now things have changed, the company is changing, and its not for the better.

If you are a Millennial you may have hard time fitting in as Nationwide values attitude more than anything else. By this I mean that you need to leave all independent thinking at home and you need to conform to whatever the current status quo is – in short – ‘do not rock the boat’ – you need to be a cheerleader for the existing policies and processes, nothing more than this.

If you are in IT this is troubling as there is so much to do, so much to change, so much to adjust – leaving things the way they currently are will kill Nationwide, we need to adopt. Look at the competitors and all the digital efforts they are going through – we need to be the same, move things forward.

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Nationwide Sales is a sinking ship. Some of the worst leadership and hiring practices ever. A bar tender was hired for a sales leadership role because of a "friend" in hr. Nationwide increased pay while losing money to only make the problem worse. Bonus/pay structure changes every year, and they hire illegal Columbians.

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I am the original poster – I forgot to mention the nepotism issue… Many managers here play favors, hire family and friends and give them preferential treatment (in general) – many managers are also ethical and are good role models – so, I do not want to generalize here – yet, it’s an issue and Nationwide needs to face it – not sure how to fix it though.

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