Thread regarding Nationwide (Insurance and Financial Services) layoffs

Laid off on a video conference.

Nationwide had me drive to a remote location so my manager could pop up on a tv screen to tell me I was laid off.

Nationwide wasn't on my side after 12+ years.

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My department, Personal Lines Pricing, along with the rest of the company has been devastated by the recent "changes." By "changes," I am referring to the recent lay-offs. From what I have observed in the Des Moines office, the majority of the lay-offs in other departments started from the top and worked their way down. But that was not the case in my department. They started at the bottom and did not have any impact on the upper-level of the department's structure. Nationwide is, and has been, a top-heavy company.

Personal Lines Pricing has three AVP’s and they have 27 direct reports. Three AVPs for 27 people seems excessive to me. I presume that most AVP’s make six-figure salaries. So why were they not affected by these lay-offs? While some of us are losing our jobs, others are receiving promotions or demotions marked only by title changes (without pay-cuts). Ten people have lost their jobs and at a time when few jobs are available at Nationwide in Des Moines. Two of them are over 60, five are over 50 and three are under 40. What is wrong with this picture? The term "Age Discrimination" comes to mind.

At the very least, I think that all employees aged 60 and over who have been impacted by these layoffs should have been offered a buyout, including medical coverage and their pensions at full pay. This used to be standard practice for companies. What ever happened to the concept of companies looking out for their employees? This notion appears to be a thing of the past as long as overpaid executives run companies like Nationwide, whose management style is defined by short-sighted greed.

My opinion in regards to working for this Top Company, which is a FORTUNE 500 Company (thanks to all the lower-level employees serving as the backbone of the company), is this: If you are an older employee or not a top-level employee, then, contrary to the company's motto and theme song, Nationwide is not on your side.

I gave over 40 years of my life to this company and this is what I get for my years of loyalty. I was 3 years, 4 months and 1 week shy of being able to retire comfortably with full benefits: Social Security, Medicaid, Pension and 401K..

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Shabby treatment without a doubt! S---s that you were treated that way after 12+ years with the company.

1500+ employees who were with Oracle can feel your pain. On 9/1/17, those people were told to dial in to a voice only conference call. When they did that, they heard the recorded voice of the company's Chief Corporate Architect, who told them the latest computer chip about to be released was a great effort in their parts...and oh, by the way, today would be your last day at Oracle. The recorded call was approximately 3 minutes long, and then they were told to hang around the office and wait for an email that would tell them where to dump their badges and company laptops. Many of the people laid off in that 9/1 round had been with the company 15+ years.

The icing on the sh-- cake? The recorded conference call was delivered on the Friday before Labor Day!

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Oh wow. That's so shady and unprofessional. And after 12 years employment? Welcome to the new landscape of Corporate America in general.

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Nationwide is a great company to work at.

They layoff every 5 years and attrition helps.

They give you options to apply elsewhere in the company and a choice to move if needed.

I enjoyed my 18 years there and chose to retire before layoff.

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