Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

in case anyone needs any more evidence that Solaris and sparc are 100% dead and gone

"We will initially offer Linux x64 binaries and add macOS and Windows later."

No mention of Solaris or sparc at all. No Java 9 for Solaris users? REALLY Oracle?!

Hahahaha. Imagine if you just spent like millions of dollars on new M7 gear!

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ES known as ED erectile disfunction Eddy, said that hardware and software are going nowhere.

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Java 9 is out today, and good news, Solaris fans: it supports Solaris!

Well, on SPARC only, so move along if you have one of those "x86" things the kids keep talking about.

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Where is AIX in the announcement?

The last AIX release was even longer ago than the last Solaris release!

...OK, three weeks longer ago. But still. It looks like it's going to be a reverse race to see which comes out last: the next version of AIX or the next version of Solaris.

POWER9 is going to be Linux-only when it first comes out, so maybe your question should be "Where is Linux-on-POWER in the announcement?"

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Where is AIX in the announcement?

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No JDK 9 == No JRE 9

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Does anyone really need JDK on Solaris? The JRE is enough for me, but then I don't have a SPARC server lying around for my development needs.

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@3wbk Sounds like they are scrapping all Solaris support for JDK 9 and later. But we'll all know for sure next Thursday when JDK 9 is officially released.

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I really need clarification on weather there is going to be a port of JDK9 for Solaris 11.x SPARC & x86

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Whatever's going on, it is clear that the Java roadmap is suddenly changing drastically. The lack of even a mention of Solaris (when other platforms like Macintosh and Windows ARE mentioned) is a really big deal.

Like the layoffs, Oracle will probably not give any clear warning of their intentions. The carpet will be pulled out from under Solaris customers without any heads up.

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The EA releases don't mean ANYTHING. Oracle has a history of pulling support for stuff suddenly. EA releases of Solaris 11 (remember Solaris Express?) supported pre-Niagra chips, GA product did not.

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Gezzz, you can download Java 9 for Solaris now! Before you post, atleast verify what's out there.

Yes. Very good. That's what you can do now for Java 9 early access builds.

The difference between what you can do now and what they just announced they'll be doing in the future is probably important.

And the difference is... no Solaris going forward. If you take that blog post at face value. : "Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris"

blog post: "Linux now, Windows and macOS later"

We could all ask them if that's what they meant to say, but comments are disabled for that blog post.

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Gezzz, you can download Java 9 for Solaris now! Before you post, atleast verify what's out there.

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Perhaps you have recognized that they were talking about OpenJDK in that section. Oracle JDK is a different thing.

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