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New Employee Training Improvements

OK, layoff training should be included to the new employee orientation. I can just see SC saying ", every new employee is advised to sign up for FedEx delivery notifications..."

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Lol, thanks for reposting my little joke from ten days ago! No wonder that very few folks who were laid off recently find it funny, but the rest of us who are still on Oracle payroll may use a small dose of crude humor to keep our spirits up...

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probably the same fruit cake who starts all the political stuff on here.

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Hilarious! We love your posts. Keep it up!

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Yup same guy posting all these dumb threads. It's soooo irritating.

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@soe ???

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Can you stop with the snark and useless posts so the rest of us can pay attention to the actually important content? Go whine on twitter or facebook to your friends who might actually care.

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