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Jd Edwards Denver layoffs

There was a round back on 8/22 that impacted about 20 people of 400 ... then perhaps another 10 or so this end in sight...i wonder about the future of the enterprise one product.

Yup, this is not just a hardware and sales thing. Everyone is getting hit... there is no rhyme, reason, or plan that is apparent....and no one is safe.

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Jde is on-prem but we are in the process of certifying on oracle bare metal there's that

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Is there any JDE cloud product? Or is it strictly on-prem?

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30 out of 400, that's massive

It often is, @ooj. When it comes to engineers, Oracle usually RIFs the ones drawing the larger salaries. In other words, they usually end up firing their most experienced people. You have no idea how many products we have where we no longer have anyone left who knows how the product works. You can't replace decades of experience with a week or two of self study.

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Not just JDE. For those looking closely, there are RIFs in various parts of TK's empire. And beyond that in the GBUs. Losts everal friends the last few weeks. Some were a big surprise.

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30 out of 400, that's massive

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Sorry to hear this - both PeopleSoft and JDE were great companies...

Not trying to be smart here but just an FYI... You have your own board (peoplesoft and siebel too) but there are not any messages there (for now, I am assuming all was well so far)...

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I did not know this about JD Edwards, I always thought you guys were doing well...

Sorry you have to deal with this - the other poster had some good point about NetSuite - there is so much focus on it now - at the same time if compared to Apps, PeopleSoft or you guys, NetSuite is just peanuts - folks still shy away from a monolith ERP in the cloud...

Again, sorry - it's a bummer - you guys have great skills so I hope all turns good for you...

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If you're not on the NetSuite your future is limited. When something replaces NetSuite, then it will get whacked.

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