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I was looking around for job opportunities (whether I am next on a chopping block or not, I want to be prepared,) and ran into this list. Basically, what I got from it, if you want job security, join the army or anything related to it. There is no such thing as job security in tech companies, at least according to this list. Sadly, makes perfect sense, on both counts.

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My BU (Global Customer Support) in my country was informed in March 2015 that we were all being layed off end 2015.

I started to search for a new job and I left oracle before the layoff because I found a job offered by an oracle partner less than 2 months later.

Managers from my new company to be knew several directors and VPs in my country. They asked them about me and got positive feedback (thanks to them).

Skilled Oracle Professional employees have a very good reputation.

If i have something to say to people who are layed off or are going to be, don't worry about the future, if you were a recognized and skilled employee at Oracle, you won't have any problems finding a new job. Oracle partners and customers know that oracle is managed by 3 stupid stooges and are more than happy to hire skilled employees like us.

All the best to all of you, former colleagues.

BTW oracle: don't expect us to be loyal to the 3 stooges. You tried to f?ck us, ok, then now we are going to f?ck you as well. And we now work for your oracle customers. So we know very well how to f?ck you. Remember what i wrote ...

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Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform



If you have database or analytics background, look at any of the analytics or big data vendors. They are doing well.

Red Hat





Cybersecurity Firms

Any SI like Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, Tata, Cap Gemini. There are many and some boutique players.

There is plenty of opportunity out there you just have to look and put in the work.

I wish everyone luck.

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