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Can I apply and receive UI benefit during WARN in CA?

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FYI, I am on WARN in CA, I applied for UI benefits and I am already getting the benefit. I believe money we get during WARN is considered "WARN PAY" and as per the last posting, the law allows us to claim UI benefits when we are under WARN notice. I did have an interview with a person from UI department and I did fax copy of the WARN notice I received to the person, so everything was disclosed to UI department, and they approved my claim.

I don't believe claiming UI benefit is double dipping, what's double dipping is Oracle deducting WARN period from the severance calculations, i.e. maximum one may get is 26 weeks of severance pay which will also include 60-day WARN notice. So, IMO, it is Oracle which is double dipping not an soon to be terminated employee.

BTW, does anyone know how long does it take to get the papers from Oracle after the termination date which for me is October 31 (Tuesday). Will I get papers to sign by 3rd (Friday) or will it be like by 7th (the following Tuesday)?

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I think you can. Found this at CA EDD: "WARN Act Payments allocated to the period beginning December 30, 2001, and continuing will meet the provisions of UI Code Section 1265.1 and will not be considered wages for unemployment insurance purposes."

You can check more there.

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I dont think you can double-dip. UI kicks in when you are no longer in the payroll. During the 2 months period you are still in the payroll, think of it as grace period for you to find another employment.

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