Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

Texas WARN Notice

Just an FYI - NOTICE_DATE: Friday, September 01, 2017

JOB_SITE_NAME: Oracle America, Inc.


WDA_NAME: Capital Area WDA


LayOff_Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

WFDD_RECEIVED_DATE: Friday, September 01, 2017



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I am the OP. Any feedback is welcome. An extra post does not hurt, you can ignore any post you want, including this one.

Let the thousand folowers bloom.

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@PepSEBD-1uau, the issue is that we didn't have the exact number of workers axed in Austin on 9/1 until the WARN notice was available to the public.

Thanks to the OP for his/her post.

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The issue is this has already been reported on here in addition to being reported by the austin media days ago. So, congrats on copy paste.

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"Not sure what's with @PepSEBD-1aoi and @PepSEBD-1aoi"

@PepSEBD-1fgy, thank you for giving us an example why cut and paste skills are important :) Good info from OP, thanks!

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Not sure what's with @PepSEBD-1aoi and @PepSEBD-1aoi. Seems to me this is exactly what this site is for - thanks for posting, good to have the information

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Congratz on being an asshat. This site is called "Thelayoff" and its where layoffs are announced.

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Congrats on being able to cut and paste.

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