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I remember liking working @ Nuance.

People were kind to each other and the end goal was always to do the best job possible - everyone was giving 1000%. Boy, are those days gone in every aspect.

Today, they could care less about the worker. THEY SHIP OUR JOBS TO INDIA!!! The management is rude and completely immature, upper management has no idea what is going on with line level employees - they are clueless about all the anxiety in the trenches... There is absolutely no communication between different levels of management and even less so with the employees...

With leadership like this, all technical blunders that took place last few years, no wonder we have become the joke we are... I hope Nuance changes but that's very unlikely

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More than 2 million worth US/European jobs are outsourced or moved to India.

I don’t think Low cost would be only reason.

They see more value In India as global software hub. World is moving towards more software oriented economy with e-commerce, automation and world is looking at India to meet their demands.

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We've reached the point of no return.

You will see more and more outsourcing, more American jobs will be sent offshore.

More money will be saved this way.

And, that MONEY will go mostly to the executives - shareholders will see very little....

American corporate world is the biggest swindle of all times, look at these guys unloading tens of millions of dollars - FOR WHAT???

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