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TCS outsourcing

As long as there is TCS around there will be more outsourcing, there will be more jobs lost and there will be more jobs sent to India. Meanwhile, there will be a significant drop in quality, customers and clients will be getting more annoyed and it will be less productive. That's my two cents - Citi management can do whatever they want to do but things are not improving and someone will have to pay the piper.

I hope I am wrong, but everything is pointing to more layoffs.

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You do realize that Citi needs to rely on outsourcing to remediate and get thru a sh-- ton of work because of a judgement order right? Maybe if more people would do their jobs and quit b--ching they wouldn't have to outsource. A lot more people are going to lose their jobs if the fine is extrodinary. I'm going to just say the work ethic and the lack of ownership is ridiculas. Pull your pants up and live the values of the power of one..own it and maybe you will be able to survive layoffs due to outsourcing. I have been through several departments being dissolved and always land on my feet in a job I like making more money...and if I don't...I will take my skill sets I learned there somewhere's that simple and it's like at at every bank. If you can't surf the waves get out of the financial industry plain and simple.b

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TCS keeps expanding their footprint in the IT group since day 1. Cheap and low quality. That sells here...

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