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CYA First

I’ve spent almost three years with Citi and I think I am done. Actually, I know I am done as I am actively looking right now. People here talk about layoffs and rest assured, Citi has them. However, they have them as much as any other large bank so there is nothing unusual here – if you’ve been in the industry, you know what I am talking about – you cannot avoid offshoring, you cannot avoid layoffs.

If I compare Citi to other two banks that I worked at I’d say that there is more politics at Citi and it’s more silos like – some groups even openly fight. This is really affecting only managers and up, on a daily basis. If you are in the trenches, you will not be directly affected but it’ll slow you down as you need to Cover your a-- (CYA) with documentation and really you should try to ask for decisions or make any decision. Voila – there you have it. How to slow down a company, how to stop innovation, etc. There you have it, right there…

I hope to move on soon, so I hope all this will be behind me but it’s sad to watch some folks suffer because of things I mentioned above.

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add promotions to this - it's about who you know, not how well you perform in your role. citi is notorious about this...

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