Thread regarding Nationwide (Insurance and Financial Services) layoffs

Out on January 1st

Nationwide is overpay Manning, Earnhardt JR, Paisley and Lavar.

Then claim your losing money thru losses.

Drop agents and customers, but still overadvertise.

Then lay off hundreds of employees.

Now tell your customers that pay them for service to take their own photos or go get their own estimates.

Somehow that's called customer service.

20 years and out the door Jan 1 so the customers can no longer get quality service.

Saves money for advertising 😂.

I will say I sure miss the quality of Allied Insurance. I did get 20 years of the ability to support my family. I will say Thank You for that.

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Has nothing to do with efficiency gains. Or the fact of the consolidation was in positions where people abused their positions and were lazy? Sorry you were one of those left on the outside but unless you made yourself unexpendable it's on you. They have a business to run.

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