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Office bullying

I don't know if other people have had similar problems, but for me office bullying and the inability of Nationwide's HR department to deal with it is what has me looking for a new job as I type this. No matter how bad it gets, the corporate HR just keeps parroting the "nothing illegal is going on" excuse. For the life of me I can't understand how can they allow for the intimidation we are going through each day to continue and not fear legal actions. At this point I am hoping I am among those slated for layoffs, sooner the better.

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Ask for your personnel file!!! Even if they refuse or tell you there isn’t one or it’s the performance review you already have access to, (none are true and not providing it is illegal almost everywhere) it will help you. Nw is notorious for dodging and making multiple conflicting statements while trying to explain why they won’t give you a copy. It will only bolster your court case later, if it comes to that.

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yup, been there done that. similar situation no help from hr.

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