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La box launch disaster

So la box was thrown into the fire this past week in Suffolk an Nassau. Been hearing of 4 hour 2 box installs because it doesnt work. Dvr issues. Long wait times for loading. Believe this is the end. Now i know this happened with the oms box. But you think they would learn.

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I was part of the DVR engineering team when LaBox was first introduced in Woodbury and for the first 6 months they couldn't get the thing to stay turned on without crashing or overheating. Glad I left before they figured out how to actually get it working.

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Remember the field com last month . They only tested this with 24 customers . (Very small sample size ) I also remember the 1box at T S G had to be replaced 3 times until it was finally working .

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To make it easy for you. La box will ruin your day, if it works at all.

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Can you explain or rewrite this, for a simpleton like me?

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Yes billing to AUSA who do u think pays you your a contractor the only company you work for is AUSA . And btw ur so far behind that they won't use you

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Product rushed out !!! Fiber gonna be worse than the LeBox !!! Headends gonna look like the Red Light District!!!! No OTDR on any of this Junk !!!!! Hanging PDOs just to make numbers Quantity over Quality is the name of the game right now !!! FS doing too many points and OSP having to make unobtainable goals as far as billable repairs vs Non billable??? Billing to Who USA !??? Give up the Bull C//P stop pretending it’s not the same Company !!!!

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