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Toxic management

Citi is in desperate need of senior management cleanup. The politics at the top have become so incredibly toxic that it can be a challenge to actually get something done on any level. Instead of dealing with actual problems, senior managements continuously decides to eliminate big parts of the company, employees be damned. It hasn't worked so far, but let's tr again, right?

Problems with management are present at all levels. In my many years with the company I've only had two decent managers. The rest have been mostly there to insure you don't become a threat to them down the line, limiting any growth opportunity you might have. If they can take credit for something you did, expect that to happen all the time. Also expect to take blame for something they screwed up.

Promotions based on meritocracy are a joke. It's all about who you know and who you're related to. No matter how good you are, expect to see somebody with half (if that much) knowledge get ahead. Fact of life at Citi.

Basically, the whole system needs a major overhaul, unless we are betting on another bailout in our future. Which, in all honesty, I'm not sure we'd be granted.

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So true. Management does limit growth...even at lower mgmt levels. I've seen my manager take credit for what others have done. He also gives credit to his favorites what his non-favorites have done. Good ratings and raises go to friends. Others who do the majority of the work get nothing...just additional work. So sad. I helped out another manager (a Senior VP) with some ideas. He ran with it and changed the entire direction of his department. No credit for me.

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