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600+ good paying IT jobs lost, 100s more to be laid off in 2018

Back in March about 300 were laid off, now 600, and even more in 2018 will be laid off. This is wide and deep - from directors, managers, analysts, PMs, etc. Everything will be rosy - AGILE WILL FIX EVERYTHING! Given that the execs have no clue what they are doing, every and each of us that survived should be VERY CONCERNED.

If you ask people who are in the industry for a while they will tell you that we are not Facebook or a web development company and that Agile will not work here - but hey, it's a hot term of the year so let's experiment with it for a while, see if the hype sticks - meanwhile, let's destroy hundreds of careers of loyal Liberty Mutual employees.

All of this makes me sick!

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Layoffs are happening in IT - this was all over the news last week. Also, our management is well aware of APD in Irving and Phoenix offices being a horrible environment to work in.

The current team managers simply do not know what they are doing they could care less about people on the team...

The executives should put the mgmt in line ASAP, some major retraining needs to take place - we should stop allowing supervisors to write up and fire good reps, because they have nothing better to do.

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I wish all the best to all folks who have been laid off

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