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TechnipFMC - Be prepared

Three IT personnel (legacy Technip) let go on Monday 12/4/17. Three weeks ago two legacy FMC managers both with many years with the company were walked out on the same day and one legacy Technip lead engineer. At this point NO ONE is exempt!

Take your personal stuff home and hope they don't call you but be prepared anyway!

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Looks like something is up at technipFMC Boston office. To be continued...

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age discrimination, probably: illegal, can' t really say: unethical, absolutely

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Has begun?

This began 3 years ago and hasn't stopped.

Where have you guys been?

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Just saw 3 Legacy Technip folks let go today. Each one of them with at least 30 years experience. Sad reality is they'll keep the kids but get rid of the grown ups. Helps the bottom line, I guess.

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And it has begun. Every week December 2017 through the first month of 2018 a group of managers will be let go, then the engineers are next followed by all the lower end of the org chart.

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Merry Christmas and good luck to those of you dealt a raw hand at the holidays.

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Didn't they get it right on the last 5 restructures ? If they didn"t, those setting up the failed restructuring should be replaced

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Good source is reporting that a new restructure is to set soon

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