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No work/life balance

I used to love working here, but lately it has turned into a never ending work-sleep-work-sleep pattern that I can’t seem to escape. Being in (lower) management it’s become difficult to maintain any kind of balance outside of work.

Very long hours with six day weeks are the norm. No matter what, Goodyear comes first. Being called to come in seven days a week at any given moment is nothing out of the ordinary, because your skills might be needed. So if we are short staffed, I’m screwed.

Workload can get really overwhelming and some of the time it’s necessary to hit the ground running with little to no time to take a breath. Days off have become as rare as legitimate UFO sightings. I’m not the only one getting seriously burned out by this. Not sure for how much longer I can take it.

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Work/life balance?! The Company has lost over $3 billion in value in the last 5 odd months since October 2017. It appears to be in a free fall with nothing as a concrete message from the management Soon because of these over-population of useless business development and innovation "managers" there won't be any work at all for the rest of us. Then we can all go back to our "life" part of it I guess. Merde!

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OP says he/she is Junior Management. Probably one on H1B with an expensive MBA which is totally an unimportant degree, meant to get a job reporting to another H1B holder. Too many of these around, keeping their job while qualified American workers get laid off. These "Business Development" people have no clue about American culture and style of management but wants to tell us how to do our work and how they will revolutionize the business.

Well, the stock price reflects how good the "Business Development" is doing! Management needs to hire Americans to lead an American business. I am so tired of listening to five different accents from three different parts of the world telling us how these immigrants will improve lives of Americans in America. Total jive. The company has now lost over $2 billion since October in company value while these guys keep giving hot air in accents from Delhi and us Americans keep losing jobs.

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Well, if your skillsets are unique and valuable as you claim then it should be easy to find an alternate employment and move if you are unhappy at Goodyear.

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