Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

The end of the road for Oracle

LE has done it this time writing checks the bank cannot cash. Insolvency and Chapter 11 is around the corner.

The smart ones will abandon ship now

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More layoffs coming, it is the end of the road for Oracle

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In the past, software and hardware vendors simply acquired their competitors. Today, they can't because competitors are too big for them to swallow. Amazon is now worth an IBM + Oracle + Cisco and you'd still have enough change left over to buy most of VMware.

Hardware commoditization and software saturation force high-end vendors to compete in shrinking markets and invariably downsize, fragment, or exit losing businesses altogether. Mainstream competitors, on the other hand, have the advantage of business model diversification and constantly expand their addressable markets with data products. Ads, analytics, machine intelligence, and voice UI.

Oracle is dead because there are no competitors left to acquire.

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It's clear the OP has no real understanding of Oracle. Oracle is freaking cash rich. Gas in the tank, and money in the bank! For nearly 20 years, doubters have said Oracle's days were numbered.

Whether you like LE or not, the fact remains, the guy is a shrewd businessman.


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LE lives to s--- the fresh blood out of the acquisitions before he dumps them, the vampire that he is

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The talent is from the ACQUISITIONS .


They leave / have left / we’re terminated bc there LE / TK Eliminated the acquired products SaaS Dev Team. BlueKai is exhibit A.

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All the Dev talent in SaaS APPS is leaving

There was talent in our SaaS APPS team? I find that hard to believe having had to deal with FA. I don't think SM could find a single talented developer if life depended on it.

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IN the real world SaaS business, One cannot simply abandon product improvements. Competition is fierce. Improvements are a mandate from customers. And ERP and HCM and SERVICE CLOUD and even the marketing cloud apps SIMPLY CANNOT be left to stagnate and have any semblance of a chance of survival and keeping customers. Trapping them with expensive DBaaS is not the answer. They killed bluekai with this strategy of theirs (acquire and abandon future development). BlueKai is as good as dead now. That acquisition is barely three years old. It’s undeniable evidence of oracle’s Leaders decisions. Decisions NOT made by the execs in those business units but by LE and TK themselves. All the Dev talent in SaaS APPS is leaving . Next to follow will be sales talent. It’s happening now.

These exec leaders need to stop trying to find traps for customers and just focus on developing great software — continually . Why LE & TK and the dynamic duo MH & SC INSIST on making this so hard is a mystery. They give humanity a bad name.

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That’s what you do for a while as you’re going out of business. No sales costs, no development costs, no new products, no new customers, cash comes in from old customers for a while as the business slowly dies. Enjoy while it last, it will come to an end.

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OP - your post makes no sense.

We are minting money.

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And with the new corporate friendly tax bill, they will be able to repatriate money held overseas. Yes, they will be able to afford to purchase and destroy companies for the foreseeable future.

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Yep, the only think sustaining oracle is acquisitions and even then only for a short time because oracle kills them. Think of oracle as a drug junkies with a trust fund, they can go on shooting drugs for a long time, until they overdose, that is do something truly stupid and die.

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Looks like Oracle HR and finance are now trolling this site

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Far from bankrupt. Oracle has a ton of cash on hand and can keep making acquisitions for a very long time.

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Same old boring post...can't you come up with any new material?

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