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Oracle eliminating division Massive layoffs coming

It is almost certain Oracle is shutting down certain on-premise software products and moving long term support to India and China.

So all people related to those products will be gone in 2018. It will be blood letting the entire year as oracle goes from so-so software company to complete mediocrity

LE is thrilled to personally layoff so many people. It does wonders to his monstrous ego

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"...but having dummies for senior exec has serious consequences for all."

For all except the dummy senior execs. Even if Oracle folded and completely closed up shop tomorrow, none of those senior execs would have to worry about ever working again. So, who's the dummy?

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Given that oracle no longer wants to sell on-prem software, has no SaaS that’s competitive, has laid off HW dev people and is just looking to sell existing HE products with no future, and is badly lagging behind competition in IaaS and PaaS, plus have an absolutely terribly managed Dev org which hasn’t produced anything useful for a long time, of course oracle needs to lay off lots of people, some 30,000 - 40,000. Good people all, but oracle no longer has jobs for them, so unfortunately they are just cost with no return attached to it. 100% the 3 Stooges fault, but having dummies for senior exec has serious consequences for all.

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Heard in the redwood shores more discussions around the layoffs

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Fujitsu buying pat of our business from us?! News to me. Anyone got any details? That would be huge, if real...

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Even new products are moving to India and PRC in 2018 as part of the restructuring.

They will pick up the pace of layoffs in 2018. Get ready for WARN overloads

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What exactly is Fujitsu buying in APAC? R&D? Sales channel? Support?

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Very spot on, @QOZGF4J-1sos and @QOZGF4J-1bxc.

First decision was if to build or buy a market. Buying by bundling unwanted cloud for customers to consume with the SW they cannot avoid consuming (mainly DB) was the very smart strategy.

Last decisions are just a consequence of previous ones.

Burning a reasonably healthy business in EMEA to buy a business that will severely declined compared to the original -Systems- one.

I do not feel bad about "executives"; they sold themselves and their teams for a handful of coins.

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Well, that would make it about as effective as the current call centers, but a lot cheaper

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“When are the sales call center moving to India?“

No large businesses in the English speaking world want to deal with call centers in India. Even though they get paid pennies on the dollar having Habib call you on the phone outside sales isn’t going to land business.

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Cant agree more to @QOZGF4J-1bxc post.

JD decided to take a professional break ...LOL ..... and now they let DO the most corrupted and sneaky executive to lead the so call [email protected] or financially engineered faux cloud.

RvG will continue to enjoy VP position while he do not disturb the Tech lob.

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Confirmed, and unfortunately not a fake or old news... EMEA Systems has been cancelled with a mail last week. JD gone together with some other EMEA VPs (not a news), Systems group splitted and buried under other org. The new Cloud+ES group under Tech will be focussed only on cloud, ES on premise (real or CC) is only the last and not appreciated option. Since Cloud and ES are already sold by Tech, this means a massive layoff in the next 2 quarters. The remaining SPARC and Storage group under APAC-Japan management, waiting for the Fujitsu acquisition. But Fujitsu asked to largely shrink the team before buying, so expect again massive layoff also here.

Will be a bloodletting H2. Good luck to everyone in the ex EMEA Systems.

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No offense but when I have to talk to someone in India it is a nightmare. I can't imagine trying to communicate with someone 12 hours way.

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When are the sales call center moving to India?, having the in the US, Austin, TX and Burlington, MA, sounds unnecessarily expensive. What were the 3 Dumbos thinking, CC companies have had call centers in India and the Philippines for ever

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And this strategy of slowly moving everything to India could be the real reason for slowly doing the layoffs. Once the knowledge is solidified in India, then your group can go. A few people at a time.

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Yeah, I think the on-prem stuff in TKs org is already transferred to India.

What I heard is that cloud developers are going to go away. All development in the cloud will be done in India although that timeline may be longer than this year. Only management gods will remain in the US.

You know, management, you will be next. Once the developers are replaced by Indian developers it's only a short time to having the management in India also. It will be extremely obvious that having the developers in India separated from managers in the US will be a really difficult thing to do. 12 hours apart, one email per day to solve issues. It won't stay that way for long. It's just a way to get the management to participate in its own demise.

Not long ago they were adding Indian developers to groups and saying this is just to give you some extra developers. Really, that was a way to get the code knowledge transferred to India, so they can eventually layoff the other developers and have an all India team.

It's like that frog in the water thing. Put the frog in the water when it's cool, then slowly raise the temperature until the frog is boiling and they won't notice. A little bit at a time.

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Old fact, REALLY old news

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Which ones? I heard security is all cloud based now and the on-prem stuff is still being sold but not being engineered other than bug fixes.

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This is rather old news for the formerly Tekelec, Sun, etc., products ... they are decimated to the point that support is unacceptably poor (but what's a few more very PO'ed customers). Anyhow, (1) borrow billions for stock buy-backs and (2) export all your jobs is Trump-ism perfectly practiced by LE & MH. There is no stopping this train.

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