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Oracle's master plan... is faltering

MH in a stroke of genius has decided to take Oracle from a 40 billion plus software company and turn it into a 10 billion plus cloud company.

Software takes zero dollars to mass produce when written. Its does take money to maintain software, upgrade and patch. This money, however is limited to developer salaries, sales salaries and support salaries.

Cloud companies take tens of billions to mass produce and deploy globally in infrastructure costs. It does take money to maintain hardware, refresh hardware in addition to developer salaries to maintain the cloud orchestration source code. This is in addition to the software written and maintained already by the other development team. It requires networking, troubleshooting and its own support staff. It requires developer salaries, sales salaries and support salaries.

I think the plan is to offset the decline in software sales by an increase in cloud sales, with out investing 10s of billions of dollars. Oracles plan is to let the customer pay for the infrastructure costs with a "just in time" inventory model. You write us the check and we will buy the infrastructure.

The idea is to milk declining software sales while "pivoting to the cloud"

Problem is that the only notable "cloud" sales was at AT&T where an "Exadata Cloud Machine" was dropped on premises. Most customers are not rushing in to buy the Oracle cloud. The market is expecting more growth than what it sees.

Oracle beat earnings expectations in Q2 of FY18 and the stock is taking a tumble. What will happen if Oracle misses earnings expectations? What will happen if cloud growth continues to "grow" at a less than expected pace?

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The 3 Stooges running a large public company like oracle, is like a bunch of monkies sitting at typewriters trying to write the great American novel. Amusing to watch for a short while, but otherwise an unmitigated disaster.

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There is no master plan. Each day is an entirely new adventure. The management react to each daily crisis independent of every other crisis. They constantly change their minds at every little crossroads. No one underneath can function, cause there is no defined direction for anything.

The management is clueless. Oracle is over.

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Master plan? Love your sense of humor in suggesting that the morons running oracle have a master plan

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Yeah, somehow it seems to matter to him, just can’t let go and move on, despite the fact that he’s completely unqualified to be running a large public company and probably doesn’t enjoy it very much either. Weird dude

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Is why LE has been investing so much of his personal $$$ into prolonging life. Everyone thought it was for him and his selfish ego but in reality its to keep Oracle alive. Oracle will be a walking zombie hopped up on life sustaining elixir.

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Customers don’t love oracle’s Public cloud...MH is just making stuff up like usual. He’s a huckster, used car salesman type. You know the kind: they know when they’re lying. They just do it anyway. What’s the recourse anyway!?

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MH, SC, LE& TK have no clue about cloud because cloud is a SERVICE business, you actually have to provide ongoing services to customers or they leave, or in the case of oracle don’t buy your stuff in the first place. Oracle is dead company staggering into its grave. Yeah, they will use the cash to make some acquisitions, but that’s just keeping a dead body on life support. These acquisitions too are quickly killed through cost cutting and poor service and then oracle needs another morphine shot from yet another acquisition. Dead, dead, dead that’s what oracle is

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"MH says customers love Oracle Cloud. What is the truth?"

Customers say they hate Oracle cloud and been forced to buy some just because of auditing/ULA renewal. What is the truth?

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We save money by not hiring any skilled ops people to run our cloud. We have outages all the time, but who cares? Only our customers. And their problems aren't our problems! We can always get new customers by buying new companies.

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MH says customers love Oracle Cloud. What is the truth?

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