Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

Aconex acquisition based layoffs

How many people will lose their jobs in Cloud due to the Aconex acquisition, of which I'm still failing to understand the purpose?

Oracle is always consolidation trigger happy, so I'm pretty sure that loses on both sides will be rather high. Next year will not be a good one for Cloud, that's for sure.

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are they really doing only 100M ?? gosh, this reminds of the desperate acquisition of MySQL done by that schwartzy genius, 1B$ for a 10M company.

really a bad sign.

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"Except that at $1.2 Bn it’s not cheap revenue, it’s very expensive"

Especially considering that Aconex has a paltry $100M in sales. To make matters worse, it caters to the construction industry, and given that there is a global construction bubble which could pop at any time, the timing could be bad.

I suspect that Oracle believes that with its global sales channel that they could get Aconex's revenues to skyrocket, but if the construction bubble pops it could be another story

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None of which stops it from royally F:ing up acquisitions, passing of customers by changing contractual terms, laying off dev people and letting products go stale, etc

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Oracle has learned things along the way with mergers. They have departments specifically to help facilitate these mergers to ensure a smooth transition. Jobs won't be lost at first. They will merge the new company with one of its business units. Over time, the sales process will eventually morph into the Oracle way of things. This means that certain processes are done in certain regions. Those roles which were previously done in AUS, will now be done, say Texas.

So, the answer really depends on how many people are doing certain roles, and where those roles are done in Oracle today.

I recall after the acquisition of Siebel back in 2006, I went to visit the campus in Foster City. It was a ghost town. They let everyone go. Like I said, Oracle has learned a few things a long the way.

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Except that at $1.2 Bn it’s not cheap revenue, it’s very expensive expensive - tells you how desperate the 3 Dumbos are fot SaaS revenues

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Does anyone know if there have been any layoffs at Netsuite since they were acquired?

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Could be it's just a strategy for shoring up the cloud numbers. Buy something cheap and use them for a while to say they have cloud revenue.

Bet there are a lot of nice people at that company. The oracle management will eat them alive.

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Probably about 50% within the first 3-6 months and 6-12 months, another 50%. There will likely only be 25% of the staff left after year 1. Their jobs will be shipped off to India or somewhere cheaper.

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Buy and kill is the oracle strategy, but hey they get to include the revenues in the SaaS total for a quarter or two before customers leave so that’s all the 3 stooges care about, kicking the cloud revenue shortfall can down the road a quarter and an acquisition at a time. Investors and analyst are so unbelievably dum to fall for this fraud!

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