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Oracle should follow AT&T example and give $1000 bonuses to all employees

Time for a good morale booster.

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"But despite the political rhetoric, only a small fraction of corporate America has decided to share the tax bonanza directly with workers, at least so far.

According to the White House's own compilation and more recent announcements, only 18 companies in the S&P 500 have responded to the tax overhaul by raising wages, handing out bonuses or improving employee benefits. If smaller companies such as GoDaddy (GDDY) and Sinclair Broadcasting (SBGI) are included, the list expands to about four dozen. "

Most companies will use their repatriated $$$ for stock buybacks, and not for bonuses.

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Where’s the special tax cut Christmas bonus? Cheap bastards!

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Poor people are so funny at times. 1 grand bonus. Haha.

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Folks, no need for special bonuses because the wealth will all trickle down, I know believe me, after this beautiful tax cut for the rich and the corporations, there will be wonderful trickle down as they feast on caviar, Ferraris and buy private islands. How? I don’t know, but trust me it will, otherwise we would not have passed these beautiful tax cuts. Just be patient, it will come, in little bread crumbs but as the people on the Wall Street bond trading desks know, bread crumbs add up to bread loafs which add up to something bigger.

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My current bonus is way better than $1k. Thanks, Oracle!

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Gimme mo money bro...

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Not gonna happen. Oracle is already ear-marking 12 BILLION for stock buy backs. Do you think us employees will see any of that?

Speaking of unionizing, yeah, I'd like to start a union for the tech support engineers. We're always getting the shaft and getting the blame for the crappy code the H1-Bs create.

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More like $100 will be leftover after taxes and insurance premiums.

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This is part of that trickle down economics. They are giving away a tiny part of the tax gains they stand to reap. It's also one-time. Might as well call it a bribe and make people feel good that they will pay more in taxes than CEO's and hedge fund managers.

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Good chance they will piss a decent chunk of it away on overpriced SaaS acquisitions in their desperate efforts to show cloud growth, rest will go to share buy backs and dividends to bolster the sagging share price. Soon the coffers will be empty.

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"Oracle is so poor (on ideas for investment, at least) they had to borrow $14 billion for stock buy-backs"

Companies do this (borrow) to avoid repatriating foreign profits. Even ultra cash rich Apple does it.

Regardless of Oracle's future, its balance sheet currently shows that it is very cash rich.

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Oracle is so poor (on ideas for investment, at least) they had to borrow $14 billion for stock buy-backs ... that's over $100K per employee (and more the coming layoffs). Giving the employees $1K per could partly jeopardize the bonuses for management showing such innovation and leadership! Don't be so greedy ... that is reserved for those at the top.

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"Given that last year's employee holiday party ..."

Your department had a party?

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The whole bonus because we got a tax cut is BS. Clearly a PR stunt. Notice how these companies could well afford to pay bonuses before they got that obscene tax break. Don’t drink the koolaid!!!

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Larry decided to go with the jelly of the month subscription for all employees. Enjoy everyone!

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Given that last year's employee holiday party allowed 1 person in the 200 there to win a $100 amex gift card, $1000 for all doesn't seem so much a slap in the face.

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If Oracle employees want to be treated like AT&T employees, they just need to unionize:

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LE the mega slime pig will keep all the money for booze, drugs and loose women.

The good old Harvey Weinstein days are back for the slime bag.

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Gimme mo money bro...

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It’s the thought that matter. Needles to say, oracle will keep all the money because LE is a greedy, selfish swine

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If you aren’t making six figures at Oracle it’s a you problem.

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You know a lot of people are not make six figures and every penny count?

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Hey I will take your 1,000 bonus if you don’t want it you dumb f---

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LE is keeping it all for himself to pay for all the extra h--kers this Christmas

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Why the F would we care about a 1k bonus? When youre making six figures or more, a stupid bonus of a grand is a slap in the face.

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dumb post...are you running out of new material?

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