Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

Good luck to everybody impacted by a layoff in 2017

Hope it all works out for y’all in 2018. Stay safe this holiday period.

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So far so good. Got hit 9/1/17 after 17 years. Landed on my feet.

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Put all my money on beanie babies.

Jesus take the wheel!!

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Oracle layoff the best thing that ever happened to me. Bitcoin.

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I too would like to wish all who have been laid off in 2017 a prosperous 2018.

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Oracle is closed. You need to burn vacation hours if you want to get paid.

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Ah ... Oracle during the Holidays! During Thanksgiving weekend the wonderful lobby decorations go up. Better enjoy them early and often. They will be swiftly and brutally removed during the shutdown. The first business day of the New Year will find the lobbies stark, sterile and devoid of soul. Sort of like how it is working for the big O these days. Watch your rear ends!

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