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Integrity matters @ Oracle

Oracle have now a new internal campaign on integrity as a foundation of trust and principle of good business.

What a failed attempt to cover up the corruption and poor integrity that are currently rooted in the company and of course the compliance & Ethics puppies are part of the backbone of it.

You are welcome to share with the public examples and stories on Integrity matters @ Oracle

(sorry but no HR examples ...)

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Oracle - cloud washing with integrity is us!

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Those core values were a complete and total joke. The management in TKs org work to undermine anyone they can. They are soooooo afraid of being laid off and not being able to find another job.

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By definition they are one and the same, brought to you by the same 3 stooges

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Oracle integrity and ethics is almost the same as its cloud misleading statements

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Oracle has the most integrity of any company in the world, in fact the entire universe, and a senior executive team that is the definition of integrity, especially MH who was fired for fiddling with his expenses at HP - he was just the best at something, we hope. LE epitomizes the values of the company he founded, especially as he replaces his exec assistants as they age with younger, better looking ones - those are the values oracle stands for. And then there are the exec comp packages which are simply the best for the execs, and it fair news that everybody else has criticized them and voted against them, just fake news, these comp packages are just the best and say everything you need to know about oracle’s values and how we live them every day and every dollar. So there you haters and losers!

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LOL, it looks like Oracle have been doing just the opposite all these years. Innovation probably the very last core value and starting to disappearing.

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From Oracle’s Core Values :

Integrity: Oracle employees demonstrate honesty and sound ethical behavior in all business transactions, and personal integrity in all dealings with others.

Mutual Respect: Oracle employees consistently treat individuals with respect and dignity.

Teamwork: Oracle employees work together as a team for the collective interests of Oracle.

Communication: Oracle employees share information effectively with one another. We balance the need to share information alongside the need for confidentiality regarding certain information.

Innovation: Oracle employees seek innovative and creative approaches to problem-solving.

Customer Satisfaction: Oracle employees consistently treat customer satisfaction as a top priority.

Quality: Oracle employees make excellence and quality a part of day-to-day work processes and seek continuous improvement in all that they do.

Fairness: Oracle employees commit to dealing fairly with customers, suppliers, partners, and one another.

Compliance: Oracle employees comply with all laws, regulations, and Oracle policies that govern Oracle’s business and employees’ actions on behalf of the company.

Ethics: Oracle employees observe the standards that have been established by Oracle and act ethically in their approach to business decisions.

I didn't find any one single value that the executives are complying ... maybe just the Quality value of how they navigate Oracle's to the hell

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"Haven’t found any will less integrity than the 3 Stooges at Oracle"

I get it, you hate them, and that's fine. But don't delude yourself into thinking that other CEOs are any better. Go to the HPE forum and you will see that HP'ers hate their management just as much, if not more.

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Haven’t found any will less integrity than the 3 Stooges at Oracle, nor more self centered and greedy ones. LE, MH and SC have everybody beat, #1 in this category though not in anything else. But, hey, that makes them best at something

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Is there integrity anywhere in the business world? Granted, some are more unscrupulous than others, but it seems to me that a CEO with real integrity doesn't exist.

They're all crooks.

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SC and her buddy DJT - the pillar of integrity. What else do you need to know !

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Integrity matters when the company could not defend any legal action associated with her practices.

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Spot on!

As for those HR drones who are crying “boring” show you creativity and say something witty!

But if you could do that you wouldn’t be LE’s HR drones, now would you!

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Very boring

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HR has no integrity. They lie along with the management to cover-up all the sh--ty things the management does. They are the front line for the lawyers.... first defense in cover-up.

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There is no Oracle integrity. Just another fake PR scam.

There will be no Oracle cloud... no "organic growth"....

Everyone in cloud is attacking everyone else. Incompetence is rampant. The only way to "write" software is to copy/steal from someone else. Pretty soon there won't be anyone to copy from....

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Integrity matters when we misrepresent our cloud sales ..

Integrity matters when we are not providing any support to our loyal and paying customers

Integrity matters when we are retaliating and covering up

Integrity matters when we promote executives ...

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Clarification from the Oracle Vice President, Legal, and Global Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer on behalf of the executives :

"We are so honest and wining with integrity. Because Integrity Matters ..." so their was no real reason to issue this campaign @ Oracle and it was just to fund some marketing and ethics consulting companies and waste some budget and expenses.

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Oracle integrity is FAKE NEWS! fake fake fake fake fake fake fake.

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Hold it people, important clarification from Legal. This program does NOT apply to senior executives, as that would overly constrain what they can do and say and their ability to make excessive amounts of money by being dishonest, we can’t have that; this program only applies to minions like the people complaining about layoffs on this site.

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Come up with something more funny then

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Do these rules require that people posting on this site on behalf of oracle identify themselves as such, rather than pretend to be just another private poster posting their personal opinions? That would be the right thing to do!

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Is oracle going to turn itself in and ask the SEC to review its cloud washing practices? That would be the right thing to do under these new guidelines, would it not?

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You've got to be kidding? Laying with off with a automated phone call, oh sure lots of foundation of trust and principle of good business. My god.

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What about changing quotas or commissions schedules during the year, by oracle management that is, where does that fall in this effort?

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Where does the cloud washing - taking on-perm revenues and magically converting them into cloud revenues - fall on the integrity scale?

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Oracle and integrity, really? In the same sentence. Good one!

Question: How are the 3 stooges demonstrating integrity? Including by not publicly announcing the layoffs, doing their best to keep them out of sight!

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Many customers in UK have switched from AWS and Azure clouds to the great offering of [email protected] just because the great trust and integrity of Oracle sales leadership.

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I once heard a Cloud PM say in a meeting they would rather a customer buy something from Oracle, even it it didn't work or was unfinished, as long as it kept them from buying a competitors product.

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