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Jan/Feb layoffs

Gotta be some layoffs in Jan/Feb since no big grouping of layoffs yet this quarter. They have to meet their restructuring numbers and stick their plan.

Yup, I'm pretty sure we'll have a bigger round in the following two months just to keep with the schedule. Oracle is yet to "disappoint" on this.

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@QVWgD1C-2xui - Go back and read thru the financial statements. The services number of 800M is not HW services, its services across the entire product line.. In older statements, they use to report HW Sales Revenue and HW Support Revenue and that was about 1.1B. The number they report now for HW revenue, is a combination of HW sales (servers, storage, tape) and HW Support revenue which combined is 1.1B. If Oracle was brining in nearly 2b/qtr for HW, they would not for done the kind of RIFs they did in Jan and Sept.

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"@QVWgD1C-1hyd - Oracle systems is not bringing in 2B Q, more like 1B Q split between HW sales and support"

Again, I understand you have to lie, but at least lie in a reasonable way.

Here you will find what Oracle, not someone on this board, is reporting as HW + Services :

1.8B$ HW+Serv in Q1FY18 , same in Q2 , tipically Q3 and Q4 are stronger than Q1 and Q2.

HW Services are fueled by HW sales, or do you think that ACS can provide independent revenues?

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There will be some trickles of layoffs here and there but the big wave likely won't occur until the very beginning of Q1.

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@QVWgD1C-1hyd - Oracle systems is not bringing in 2B Q, more like 1B Q split between HW sales and support

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The Street loves layoffs.

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Fake news, the major layoffs are done...just cleaning up a bit of the remaining dead wood

You might be surprised to find out that you are part of the "dead wood".

Some people who thought they were safe, were not. The reality could very well be that the "dead wood" are the managers who are making the decisions about who is to be laid off. Excellent employees can be targeted for layoffs, just so the dead wood can get rid of the competition for their s----up employees. If you think you are safe because you are the only one in your area with expertise, think again. Others may resent that, they may want what you have.

Dead wood is defined by the people who are making the decisions, not by whatever you think. No one is safe.

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@1pme - You should understand that, Oracle products are being sold in other countries including USA. The products are not just made and sold in USA :)

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Clearly lots more layoffs to come and we haven’t even touched on what will happen as oracle’s cloud efforts continue to sputter and oracle falls farther behind AWS, SFDC, MSFT, Google, etc - that will result in a huge blood bath, including Dev - as oracle slims done to just collecting support revenues from existing customers as it dwindles to nothing.

No future here whatsoever, run, run as fast as you can, get another job anywhere you can. Only bad things will happen at oracle.

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very well written !!

Thanks so much !!

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Dear mr/mrs "Fake news, the major layoffs are done...just cleaning up a bit of the remaining dead wood" , at least when you need to lie, lie in a realistic way so that people can have at least a doubt that maybe you are telling them the truth.

It's Oracle, not someone on this board, that wrote in a public doc that several hundreds millions of USD are still to be spent on layoff activities.

It's Oracle, not someone on this board, that wrote in an internal mail that EMEA Systems LoB is gone, this means 700 people now in the JD org to be "reallocated" (yes, another word to say they are redundant and must be laidoff in the next 2 qrtrs).

It's Oracle, not someone on this board, that said and wrote in many public doc that onprem is dead, and wrote in an internal mail that selling onprem is tolerated (but still a very bad thing) only when customer has strongly motivated why they don't want cloud, this means several hundreds people now just "tolerated" to be laidoff in the next 4-6 qrtrs.

BTW HW LoB is still making 2B$ (products and services) per qrtr, and I don't see a 2B$/qrtr growth in cloud, so maintaining the current cash flow and operational margin means other several hundrends people in "inefficent" roles to be laidoff in the next 2-4 qrtrs.

H2FY18 will be a bloodletting, mainly for EMEA Systems, but expect also a massacre in H1FY19 in all other orgs.

And unfortunately that's not fake or old news, that's just a bad reality.

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Yep, no one cares about Americans, not even Trump. He publicly announced lots of changes to H1-B program earlier in the year. After tycoons in India complained and their subsidiaries cut off Republican donations. Since then, they have all been quetly reversed.

Safra is better than most other Indian CEOs and COOs who only want to hire in India. Adobe is a perfect example. High paying jobs are done by contractors in India.

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From one of the articles:

"Amazon Web Service, Microsoft, IBM, VMware have all been making big investments in cloud infrastructure and platforms in India, given the rapid shift to cloud."

"she doesn't care about american workers"

In case you didn't know: no CEO cares about the American worker. Not a single one.

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she doesn't care about american workers, it is all about her bonus ...

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hello hr s?cker, you'll be laid off soon, it it just a matter of time.

have a good time in bangalore.

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Hundred of millions left in the restructuring reserve. Of course there will be more major layoffs before the FY is over!

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Fake news, the major layoffs are done...just cleaning up a bit of the remaining dead wood

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