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Oracle stock intrinsic/fair value is $41.46 ..already over 6$

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Trading at $47.25 at noon on the 27th - quite a ways away from the $80 executive bonus bogie - they will have to buy an awful lot of shares to get it to $80. Me thinks it’s more likely to go to $5 than $80.

Bad management decisions do have real life consequences, including LE having to write collateral check to his lenders. I’m loving every minute of it !

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Oracle Corp (NYSE:ORCL) Intrinsic Value: Projected FCF: $39.61 (As of Today)

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ORCL new ticker CRAP

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Some are more overvalued than others, after all some of the tech co’s actually have real cloud revenues, oracle not so much, and therein lies the difference and the gross over-valuation of oracle stock, CRASH!

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FWIW, most publicly traded company's are horrendously overvalued when compared to the DCF value. We are in a stock market bubble, after all.

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Tell me again what LE and the 2 CEOs plus TK have been paid hindered of millions for? Non comprende

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And thay’s Assuming the revenues reported as cloud revenues are actually cloud revenues as opposed to cloud washing. On other words, the stock is worth a lot less. Long way down, faster your seatbelts!

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same price as it was in Nov.1st - 2014.... job well done lazy /crooked CEOs...

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