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That Internet thing?!

LE is that Internet thing for real? Business gonna use it, you think? Something oracle should be involved with and have products for?

Any thoughts LE?

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Oh, come on man, didn’t LE in want the Internet or was it A.G.? lOl!

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Oracle needs new leadership. There are guys in database development that would make an excellent head of engineering but it's not TK or AM. It's someone a little further down. He could make even a great CEO one day. It's also not AP.

LE and him have a great relationship. Does LE have the balls to do it? I doubt it but promoting him is the only thing that can save O from within. It can't be a sales or marketing guy. It needs to be someone from within or else just grab someone from the outside.

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Oracle cloud development is a Potemkin village, ironically they cannot cut is significantly because that would let the cat out of the bag - so they have to keep spending money on a Dev org that’s producing garbage. How much more F:ed up can a company get?! Thay’s What you get with an agent founder and 3 clueless CEOs, there is a reason other companies do not operate in this deranged manner.

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I think LE knows that Oracle Dev is completely dysfunctional. I think he knew there was no way any cloud development would occur at Oracle. To make absolutely sure, he made sure they started years late.

LE is interested only in LE. He owned a significant portion of NetSuite before "he" bought it. He stepped down from being CEO just before that. I think I heard something about how he could not be CEO for the deal to go through, since he owned most of NetSuite... or something like that.

He knows how to run his finances. He has no clue how to run a company. The guys at the top LE, SC, MH just know how to shuffle money around to make more of it for themselves. They don't care about the future of Oracle. It's my opinion that the cloud development that is going on is all fake. LE will cancel it whenever he feels like it.

Think about it. There is absolutely no organization around the cloud development. Oracle didn't go out and hire the right technical people to organize and create the oracle cloud. It just said to the existing employees "Go build a cloud".

The existing employees are rag-tag odds and ends acquired from multitudes of companies and do not have any of the necessary experience to build a cloud. They are all building various pieces in their own silos and there is no organized method for how any of this is being done. Security is a joke. No one knows what they are doing. It's all fake, and I think LE knows that perfectly well.

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So here’s the thing: LE was the original and largest investor in NetSuite and SFDC (still is) and yet he was the only one who didn’t want oracle to investment in the cloud - SaaS, PaaS, etc. why is that? We’re the these investments just hedges on his private portfolio - he would concede that he could be wrong on that cloud thing? - or had he concluded already back then that tjeboracle Dev org could not do cloud?

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That Internet thing is just Fake News, right LE? Not gonna happen, right? Dingbat!

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