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KAD - of Aditya Birla Account shown door

Poor KAD is shown the door. One more KAD is also likely to be laidoff in Jan18.

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IIA of MCIT shown door today.

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There is no cloud worth selling. It's all over with. You can't sell vaporware! Once that becomes clear to the upper levels, they will be leaving before the door is shown. The only people to stay will be the clueless.

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Are these from India?

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If KAD success is predicated on selling cloud then all the KADs are F:ed since oracle doesn’t have any competitive cloud products. Get out while you can!

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Other KAD is KAD-MCIT. He is on PIP.

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More will be shown. Put up or shut up. According to leadership, you are paid a lot of money and incentivized to grow cloud and revenue. If you don't deliver results, you're not needed and the company has no use. They can have a millenial be the KAD and pay him or her a lot less money so they can pay out $150 million dollars of salary to the big 3.

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