Thread regarding Nuance Communications Inc. layoffs

yes, I am a disgruntled ex-employee

I know there were a bunch of lay-offs recently; however, I left voluntarily, in fact, I could not get out of there quick enough! After they breach, I was not paid fairly when the "system" was returned to full function and lost out on over one thousand dollars in wages. Then, when I resigned because of that, the "company policy" said Nuance did not have to pay me my unused PTO time. Lesson to you all out there whether current employee or considering becoming an employee of Nuance, take your PTO time before you leave and watch your weblock/audits very, very closely. Seems Nuance is in the habit of not paying their employees fairly. Cannot get answers to any of my questions either, no one returns phone calls or answers emails, even when I was an employee. I have since returned to a smaller transcription company where I am actually treated like a person, not a number.

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