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Reckless contracting in Services

Less coming in and more and more going out. We continue to sign contracts where we know we will surely loose in millions over time. Flannery is gone, these extra ordinary contracts had no vision but to jack up contract prices and make healthcare balance sheets look good. May this is another scandal cooking that investors will find out sooner or later.

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Well someone really knew what they were talking about. That is what happened. They signed various contracts that were certain to lose money. Unfortunately they also upset many customers in the process. Their core software is worst in KLAS again for 2018. It is almost over. What's worse is that there is a new modality vendor poised to cut in on the MR and CT markets away from Siemens-Philips-GE. Rot row.

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Accounting scaam of 2008, paid huge fine and back to business again.

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