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Mattel put shareholders before people

One of the sad things that I learned in this debacle is that Mattel like all other big companies has put the shareholders before the people. It’s one more thing that has contributed to the company’s demise.

You can’t do both effectively and let’s face it, decisions are made ultimately to please shareholders. And once you go down that path it’s hard to nearly impossible to get off the crack. For most companies experiencing the same thing maybe the path to redemption is truly going back to your moral center. Remember when google said their goal was to do no evil? Not so sure about that now. Take care of the people and make decisions based on what you believe in. It may not be a mega company again but at least we can all be proud of what we do.

Now who’s going to get us there?

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wah! do you want a cork with that whine? you losers are done for!

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To be blinded by bitterness as to not be able to see why you do what you do only confirms your miserable existence. And to wish for the house to burn down even as honest and good people still exist there is testament to that. Sadly again bad experiences can sometimes make bad people in this case.

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oh my god. the stupidity of the OP! What do you think got us into this mess? stockdown appealing to investors and cost reducing our products. let’s not forget giving MOA design capabilities to make out stuff even crappier. This business is ALL about shareholders. You’re all just numbers. your humanity doesn’t matter. putting smiles on children’s faces is the first lie that marketing ever told and the lemmings at mattel we’re the first recipients. Get over yourselves already.

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This is a silly post. Do you really think Shareholders are happy? Check out the stock price! Mattel was run for the CEO and the Board's ego and wallets, not for shareholders. If it had been run for shareholders, the stock would look a lot different today. The only thing keeping the stock at its current price versus where it was a few weeks ago is the desperate hope that someone else will take over.

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