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Treating us like animals

Once this was a great place to work at, but in the last several years that has changed completely.

The office conditions at PG&E today are truly horrible. They are packing us in offices to the point you can't hear yourself think, stacking us in the horrendous work stations that should not be considered fit for a workplace.

How do they expect us to do anything in these awful conditions? It feels more like we are cattle than employees. I'm lucky I'm working with decent people, otherwise I'd have gone insane by now.

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... I work in a small footwear repair shop 600 sq. feet ... our lunch room 49 sq. ft ( 30 min. break ) .... I wait the counter taking in foot wear and leather goods and I am expected to consistently get the numbers up every month or else ... I'm a master craftsman and while I'm waiting on the public I'm also meticulously refurbishing the leather goods and footwear going to and from my work bench to the counter for 8 and a half hours which is quite stressful to say the least .... the pay is low ( $13.00 / hr. ) with no benefits and the working conditions are unhealthy ( primers, acetone, toxic dust, loud finishers and compressors etc. ) but it's the only game in town ... thank God you have a job that allows you to sit in a well ventilated work space with medical benefits, a pension , an hour lunch/ 2 breaks in between and get paid 25 dollars an hour and more .....

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