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PG&E is Hiring!

PG&E is hiring right now, do not listen to rumors that the company is laying people off - we are not laying anyone off right now, we are hiring big time. More details on the link provided below - go and check out what PG&E has to offer to new... —  read more 

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PGE Restructure

To exit bankruptcy PGE has to submit a reorganization plan. Does anyone have ideas on what the new CEO will propose? Is the sale of Gas still in the plate? What about layoffs?

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How bad will it get?

I'm worried that PG&E will use this opportunity to get rid of whoever they want, especially older employees who make more money, with no consequences and smaller severance. We all know it will get bad, but I'm afraid it might get much worse than many... —  read more 

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Maybe Twice

How many Small companies declare BK ? (quite a few as a Percentage of small companies) How many Large companies declare BK ? (Not too many as a Percentage of large companies) How Many companies declare BK TWICE in a 10-15 year span. Well we soon may... —  read more 

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Treating us like animals

Once this was a great place to work at, but in the last several years that has changed completely. The office conditions at PG&E today are truly horrible. They are packing us in offices to the point you can't hear yourself think, stacking us in the... —  read more 

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we need to move with the times

talk about old fashioned companies... PG&E takes the cake... office politics abound... excessive bureaucracy is still considered essential... so much unnecessary red tape, but nobody wants to change it... leadership seems to believe that we don't... —  read more 

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Pacific Gas & Electric is shrinking

Everybody has given up on even attempting any kind of growth for the company. Positions that have been vacated through layoffs or people who left on their own are simply eliminated. Of course, some will open in India or another country, but I hardly... —  read more 

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Outsourcing is not the solution!

PG&E has been going down for years thanks to its incompetent management and CEO. When will people realize that outsourcing jobs to cheaper countries is not the solution to all of your problems? Of course, most of this is due to the fact that instead... —  read more 

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180 IT jobs on the chopping block

I work right across the street from PG&E (my former employer), and have spoken to some of my former IT colleagues, and there appear to be more cuts...about 180 IT jobs, 70 of which are being offshored to India. And....they are asking about 110 of... —  read more 

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More PG&E layoffs?

Its also rumored that they will eliminate all the contractors in Gas Operations by the end of the year. They will also reduce the management pool, especially the individuals supervising 5 or less employees. They will also not back fill any position... —  read more 

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PG&E Gas Operations

they have announced today that there will be restructuring in gas operations tomorrow. They already layoff some directors last month and its expected that they hit mangers and supervisors tomorrow. Also some notable people got layoff today. This is... —  read more 

The Bobs are Here

Now McKinsey is here and planning the next round of layoffs. Anyone familiar with "Office Space"? Yeah, I'm gonna have to go ahead and ask you to do the work of 10 people now... and since you were already doing the work of 5 people, it won't be too... —  read more 

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PG&E March 2017 Layoffs

Starting this thread just in case someone wanted to contribute info as it relates to March 2017 layoffs. The first pass and cuts back in late 2016 and Jan 2017 were poorly covered in the media, and we may want to use this space to share info. In... —  read more 

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actually it was announced 8-9 officers (sr. level) were laid off, not only support support. in order to lay off union staff, they have to deal with union first... maybe this is something already happening and in negotiation. —  read more 

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Rise Up Losers

The worker is silent. After: 450 layoffs, 800 contractors axed, 70 jobs sent to Indians. training replacements. 300 mil saved (per year). customer service quality to drop 80%. = 180 IT jobs cut, 40% of IT jobs go to India. TCS/Tata grabs the lion... —  read more 

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Huge Layoffs Coming in 2017

Due to poor management decisions, expenses suddenly are reported to be out of control and instead of letting go's going to be a mass reductions of union employees and support staff.

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