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Layoffs are coming.

Forecaster in workforce department on 12-17 in Cayce office was given project to calculate call volume over the next 3 to 6 months accounting for less customer service reps, BUT higher forecasted AHT (average handle time, which if high usually means... read more

SCANA and Dominion Energy merger

If this goes through there will be overlaps in positions on both sides. It's very hard to predict who will get axed.
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Horrible management

I know this is not the case for the entire company, but leadership at my location is downright awful. It can be hard sometimes to hear how in other locations leadership makes sure to run the operation in positive manner that centers around people... read more

No trust in SCANA

I was wondering, does anybody actually still trusts SCANA after the whole AP1000 fiasco? How incompetent does management have to be to fail so spectacularly, and cause the layoffs of so many people? As if that was not enough, they keep cutting cost... read more
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SCANA SEVERANCE PAY - Negotiating severance terms

I would assume that the terms are standard and non-negotiable for the severance...but I thought I'd go ahead and ask. Did anyone try to negotiate some different terms? For health care, or end date, or anything?
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SCANA's SCE&G laying off 615 workers

SCANA has voted to scrape two nuclear reactors at the V.C. Summer Nuclear Station, and promptly announced layoffs of 615 folks... This does not even include the employees of other companies that were also working on the project that has been... read more

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