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Southern Layoffs 2019

If there are Southern Layoffs in 2019 what departments and positions will be affected the most?
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No, they treat contractors terribly, won't even let you go to safety is constantly "oh, you are a contractor--not sure if YOU can go,..." won't even let you volunteer with the Georgia Power volunteer groups. Discrimination is rampant... read more

Gulf Power Company layoffs

Gulf Power Company started their layoffs today. From Pensacola to Panama City, at all levels. Many are employees with 30 plus years of service. Former coworkers escorted from the building and not allowed to go back to their desk to clean it out... read more

Southern Layoffs 2018

Can someone share ANY info including rumors you may have, any bit of info, please, especially about layoffs in Atlanta.

Thread missing

There was a thread here earlier, I don't see it anymore. Did someone delete it?

Southern Co. laying off older employees

I was told after 27 years that i didn't fix their plans going forward. This is what Georgia Power Southern Company largest operating company told me. And this is what they told over 1000 more formal employees. They are still laying off and moral is... read more
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Southern Layoffs 2017

Whenever things are not the best or are going bad, we react with layoffs, let's see if this affects Atlanta.
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Cuts / 2016

Great company, but some problems lately. If you are in the energy industry you will have problems in 2016
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Southern Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Southern layoffs in Atlanta in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

No Layoffs, No Downsizing at Southern Co.

None is present. We are doing just fine and we are hiring people. Business is good and if you hear false rumors about Southern Co. downsizing, please ignore them as our numbers look very good and we keep adding people to payroll. Southeast is... read more

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